New Master Plan for Jackson County Recreation and Parks Department

The Jackson County Recreation and Parks Department has achieved many goals on the master plan created several years ago. While that plan has been updated a few times, its time to wrap that one up and start a new one.

“About 8 years ago we were one of the first counties west of Asheville to do that… We’re in the process of finishing up that plan,” Director Jeff Carpenter.

As the old plan finishes up, the Department wanted community feedback and direction for the new master plan. To get this feedback, they conducted an online survey of local residents.

“We got close to 800 responses to our survey. Indoor pool was the #1 answer in the community. Walking areas was another big answer, and picnic areas and playgrounds were very high too.”

People are wanting areas to play, workout, and see their tax dollars at work.

“Everybody can use parks,” Director Jeff Carpenter.