NCSHP to Participate in Nationwide Thanksgiving Highway Campaign

Research indicates that the Thanksgiving holiday period is one of the most heavily traveled times in the United States, heaviest of which are 12 p.m.-12 a.m. the Wednesday before and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. the Sunday following.  To promote a safe and uneventful driving environment, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol will join forces with numerous highway patrol and state police agencies across the nation in an enforcement campaign concentrated solely on I-40. During the two-day operation, North Carolina troopers, along with other states, will be patrolling along the I-40 corridor every 20 miles from coast to coast.  It is hoped that the constant visibility of law enforcement from state to state will create a safe driving environment for all motorists but more importantly save lives and prevent injuries. Last year during the Thanksgiving holiday, the highway patrol investigated 11 fatal collisions, 432 injury collisions and 1,457 property damage collisions. Many of these collisions were attributed to excessive speed. Speed remains the leading cause of traffic collisions and fatalities in North Carolina as well as across the country. Last year the Highway Patrol investigated 1,801 fatal collisions on North Carolina. Of those, 245 deaths were contributed to speed, compared to 244 deaths in 2011. Motorists who are travelling the highways this Thanksgiving holiday are urged to contact the State Highway Patrol should they observe motorists who are driving in a careless and reckless manner. The Highway Patrol can be reached on any cellphone by dialing *HP or *47.