National Guard Unit from Winston Salem Salem deploys to Egypt

The 5th Battalion 113th Field Artillery Regiment from Louisburg and the Winston Salem area held a staging muster in mid October in preparation for their deployment to Egypt. The Unit has been undergoing training in Indiana for two months in preparation for their peace keeping job assignment. This is the first time that American forces have been stationed in the area since 1979 when a peace agreement was signed. This return of the American forces is part of a ten nation peace force that has been rotating troops for several decades. While tensions have been increasing in the region over the past months, National Guard officials report the arrival of the 5th Batallion is not related to the increased tensions in the area but are simply a sequenced rotation. The 5th Batallion is expected to complete their rotation by September 2013.

As tensions increase in the area and the announced departure of American Troops from Afghanistan there continues to be a concern for all troops deployed to the region, those preparing for deployment, and other National Guard Units in the state which may be in a standby mode.