Mountain Hillside Development Ordinance Hearing On Thursday

The history of the Mountain Hillside Development Ordinance goes back about seven years when the first hillside development regulations were adopted. Opponents suggest the regulations were so restrictive that the construction and building business along with the collapse of the nationwide housing bubble hit Jackson County especially hard. Proponents of the regulations say the slowing of the development has protected existing homes and views, helped with sedimentation control and water quality, and requires better planning for the protection of the beauty of western North Carolina. Opinions range from those who feel there should be no ordinances controlling what a person can do on their property while others feel that every change or construction needs to be done within the broader view of the whole neighborhood. Director Gerald Green urges citizens bring their opinions to the hearing. There will be a time to speak or persons can present their opinions in written format. The ordinance hearing will be in the Commissioners Board Room on the second floor of the Jackson County Justice Center starting at 6:00 p.m.