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October 19, 2017

Maroon 5 says new album is not supporting Men’s Rights Movement

MAROON 5 announced that their next album will be called “Red Pill Blues”, and it’ll be out on November 3rd.  It’s available for pre-order today.



And just to be clear, the title is a reference to “The Matrix” . . . NOT a men’s rights movement, which has apparently coopted the notion of ‘taking the red pill.’



The Men’s Rights Activists group is a bunch of masculine alpha males who think feminism is destroying humanity, and masculinity is under attack.  They believe they are being oppressed by women and weak, so-called ‘beta males,’ who embrace the idea that women are equals.



And for the record, Maroon 5 doesn’t even know what the whole “men’s rights movement” is about.



A rep said, quote, “The title references a term popularized in ‘The Matrix’ . . . a common phrase used to describe ‘seeing things as they really are’ . . . like when Neo takes the red pill . . . It was never the band’s intention to reference anything else.  The band is shocked that this has even come up.”

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