Josie Williams

Josie Williams

Josie moved to the mountains in 2003 and says she “ain’t ever leaving.” From Mississippi, Josie grew up in a small town, fishing in her grandparent’s pond and feeding the fish to the cats. Her family have been farmers for generations and her mom still lives at the “old homeplace.”

Catch Josie on the weekend mornings starting at 7AM. She keeps Jack Debnam talking on Saturday’s Real Estate Sense Program at 10AM and connects you with Scotts Creek Baptist Church for their 11AM live sevice on Sundays.

If you would like to advertise with WRGC, Josie is also one of our valued sales representatives who will customize your radio advertising commercials for connection with your target audience. “Years of medical sales experience has given me valuable marketing ideas,” said Josie. She hopes to be an asset to the local business community as well as being “fun and entertaining” when on air.