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January 23, 2020


Over 30 million Americans have diabetes, a disease with complications that include vision loss, kidney disease, and heart attack.  November is recognized as National Diabetes Awareness Month by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).  The ADA hopes to share a message of diabetes prevention as well as management.  Millions of Americans have diabetes, but they need to know that they are not alone.  Building a support network of family and friends is an important component of diabetes management.


The benefits of managing diabetes are increased energy, improving healing, and fewer skin and bladder infections.  Knowledge of your blood sugar numbers, a healthy diet, adequate physical activity, and getting routine healthcare are key elements to effective diabetes management.  Remember the ABCs of managing diabetes—A) A1C test for blood sugar, B) Blood pressure, and C) Cholesterol.  A Certified Diabetes Educator can help you understand your numbers and work with you and your medical team to develop a personal plan to help you better manage your diabetes.


The Jackson County Department of Public Health (JCDPH) offers diabetes self-management education and support as well as medical nutrition therapy from a team of professionals.  This team includes Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Lee Lillard, Registered Dietitian Jessi Basset, and Pharmacist Amanda Holloman.  Classes are available for free; a physician’s referral is required.  Sign up today and start your diabetes education this month.


For more information, please contact Lee Lillard at 828-587-8240 or visit http://health.jacksonnc.org/diabetes-education.

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