Jackson County To Consider Rennovations to The Justice Center

The Jackson County Commissioners heard from Doug Kepplin, of the Heery Design of Orlando, Florida about renovations to the Jackson County Justice Center. Recently Judge Brad Letts reported to the Commissioners that certain design changes and renovations needed to be made to the judicial quarters of the Jackson County Justice Center. According to Judge Letts some of the courtroom space was to large and inefficient while other space was to small due to changes in the court and nature of the proceedings since the facility was constructed. Letts recommended the County review the Haywood County Justice Center floor plan which many of the now serving judges and agents involved with judicial services consider a model project. This Haywood County Justice Center was designed by Heery Design which has  offices nationwide. Kepplin indicated that he had already conducted an assessment and suggested that a complete assessment be made of the floor plan, security,  a mechanical and infrastructure analysis, and technology assessment. From that assessment a renovation master plan would need to be developed. For the review Herry Design would be paid about $31,000. County Manager  Chuck Wooten stressed this is the first step.  The Commissioners indicated they wanted to get the process started during this calendar year.