Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Warns Citizens of New Scam

The Jackson County Sheriffs Office has released an alert regarding a new potential scam going on in the WNC area. Reported especially in the Addie and Beta Communities of Jackson County, a group of scam artists may be taking advantage of some citizens. The reported scam is occurring when a potential contractor solicit business from a homeowner to seal their driveway. The scam artists have been reported to have what appears to be a truck and trailer similar to those used by contractors. According to reports part of the ploy is that there is left over material in the truck from a different job and the scam artists offer to seal the home owner’s driveway for an extremely reduced price. These scams have been attempted very recently in our community and the Sheriff’s Office anticipates that other citizens may be approached by these thieves. The Sheriff’s Office first word of advice is that if something seems too good to be true than it probably is. Detectives are investigating these reported incidents, if you have any information on these suspicious activates going on in your neighborhood you can call JCCs at 631-1125 or if the scam artists arrive at your house you can call 911 for immediate assistance.