Jackson County Commissioners Deal With Financial and Unemployment Issues.

The Jackson County Commissioners addressed numerous significant issues at their Monday October 7th meeting at the Jackson County Justice Center. Concerns with the impact of the Federal government soon surfaced at the meeting with both positive and negative reports being heard.  It was included in County Manager Chuck Wooten’s report that the County receives $160,000 in federal funding for several services provided through the Department of Social Services. One of the largest of these services is the $129,000 for child care which allows parents to work or go to school. These programs are still operating in Jackson County because of reserve funds at the federal level, however if the federal government shut down continues it would become a county decision whether the county would continue with those services in expectation of getting a federal reimbursement later. No one has any assurances this will take place so several counties in the state have already put the providers on a ten day notice the services will be provided. County manager Wooten informed the Commissioners this is a topic that would need county consideration. Even though a ten day notice is not required by statute, counties are giving the notice so parents and providers can prepare. Wooten also stressed the domino affect of parents missing work, losing paydays, and employers handicapped due to their workers absence.

On a positive note the Commissioners heard the Jackson County unemployment rate at the end of August 2013 had dropped to 7.2% this is a further reduction from July when the rate of unemployment was 8% and 8.3 percent in July 2012. It was also reported the Jackson County Board of Education had been able to stretch their funds to avoid the loss of any teachers aids and assistants this year. School Superintendent Dr. Michael Murray was quoted as saying that next year might be a different story but at least this year they have been able to keep the employees in place.