Income Gap widdens

(Raleigh, November 23rd) A report released today from the  Center for Budget and Policy Priorities today finds the state’s richest citizens make more than 13 times as much as people in the bottom 20 percent of incomes. The report places North Carolina as the nation’s 17th worst in the widening income gap.  On this Black Friday as shoppers venture out for the big sales, the evidence shows there is also a gap between the state’s richest and the middle class with incomes by the state’s richest more than four times those in the middle class. During the recession all incomes across all spectrums declined but the report found that the incomes of the wealthiests  have started to recover, while the rest of the consumers have remained stagnant, Center spokesperson Liz McNichol says the state lawmakers should consider the widening gap as they review and make changes to North Carolina’s tax code.