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January 21, 2019

If You Could Remake Santa, Would You Want Him to be Tattooed? A Hipster? A Woman?

For our entire lives, Santa has been an old white man with a big white beard.  But in this WOKE era, is it time for an update?

A new survey asked people what changes they’d want to make to modernize Santa.  And here are some of the top answers . . .

1.  Make Santa gender neutral, 17%.

2.  Have him travel in a flying car instead of a sleigh, 15%.

3.  Give him a hoverboard, 11%.

4.  Make Santa female, 11%.

5.  Make him slimmer, 8%.

6.  Give him tattoos, 8%.

7.  Have him drink beer, not milk, 7%.

8.  Give him dreadlocks, 5%.

9.  Shave his beard, 4%.

10.  Make him a hipster, 4%.

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