Heather Hyatt

Heather Hyatt

Heather Hyatt  | hhyatt@wrgc.com

Heather Hyatt was raised over the mountain in Haywood County. She attended Western Carolina University where she studied Print Media and Film. Upon completion at WCU, she spent time in the United States Navy and United States Navy Reserves as a Photojournalist. Her published work has appeared in national newspapers and magazines.

Heather a.k.a Anchors A’Slay is a Jammer and Blocker in the Southeastern roller derby scene. When she’s not rolling on 8 wheels, she announces roller derby for various teams and is a photographer specializing in retro pin up styles. Heather is also a trivia buff, film junkie, avid outdoorswoman and enjoys spending time making silly faces and eating cookies with her son, Zane.

Heather is a consummate professional with a passion for delivering community news!