Heather Hyatt

Heather Hyatt

Heather Hyatt  | hhyatt@wrgc.com

Heather Hyatt was raised over the mountain in Haywood County. She attended Western Carolina University where she studied Print Media and Film. After her time at WCU, she was a Photojournalist in the United States Navy and the United States Navy Reserves. Her published work has appeared in national newspapers and magazines.

Heather a.k.a Hyatt Riot is a Jammer and Blocker in the Southeastern roller derby scene. When she’s not rolling on 8 wheels, she announces roller derby for various teams and is a photographer specializing in retro pin up styles. Heather is also a trivia buff, horror movie junkie, avid outdoorswoman and loves to bake cupcakes with her 7 year old son, Zane. She collects vintage cameras. Some of her favorite bands are Joy Division, The Clash, and Rolling Stones. She also adores classic country with a special love for Kitty Wells.

Heather is a consummate professional with a passion for delivering community news.