Heated football game on Friday Results in suspensions.

Things were a little heated on Friday night in Bryson city during the Swain high school football game. Fights, baiting and taunting and flagrant contact were the calls NCHSAA officals handed out to six players between the two teams. Two from swain and four from Hayesville. Even with the suspentions neither team is banned from post season play. Swain won 38-7 in a game that was called with almost 4 min. to go in the forth quarter. Swain coach Neil Blankenship issued a statement that reads,
“I stand by SOA, Southwestern Officials Association, and appreciate their thoroughness and professionalism in handling this matter,” stated Swain head football coach and athletic director Neil Blankenship. “I also, want to apologize to our school, fans, and community for any part we played in the whole incident.”