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Have You Already Done Your Taxes?

It’s pretty early to already have your taxes done.  But some people jump on it to get their refund, or just to get it out of the way.  So which type are you?

Someone polled people in all 50 states to find out which states file their taxes the earliest, and the latest.

The state where people are the most on top of their tax returns is Wyoming.  58% of people who live there said they file as

soon as they get their forms.

The top ten are:  Wyoming . . . Florida . . . Arizona . . . Wisconsin . . . Washington . . . Minnesota . . . Indiana . . . Michigan . . . Kentucky . . . and Oregon.

It also looked at how many people file their taxes on Tax Day, or file late.  And the two most-populated states tied for first.  29% of people in California and Texas wait until the last minute or later.

The top states that wait to file are Texas . . . California . . . Maryland . . .Utah . . . North Dakota . . . Alaska . . . Tennessee . . . Virginia . . . New Mexico . . . and New Jersey.

PR Newswire

Andy Rogers

Andy has worked in broadcasting around Western North Carolina over the last 17 years. He serves as the Operations Manager and Program Director for WRGC and WBHN. “I’ve been with the crew here at Five Forty Broadcasting since the idea of bringing the station back to Jackson County at 540-AM. I feel a personal connection with community radio and the area”. In the past, Andy has worked with iHeart Media and Sky Country Broadcasting. He resides in Haywood County.
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