Harris Regional Announces New Service in High-Tech Wound Healing

Harris Regional Hospital announced on Monday the addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for wound healing. The new service will be available in mid-November and is part of the hospital’s established wound care program which will be now be known as the Harris Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy utilizes increased bariatric pressure to treat serious and chronic wounds that fail to respond to traditional wound therapy. Patients are placed inside a pressurized chamber on a stretcher while pure oxygen is delivered in to the chamber. Treatments last for up to two hours per day and occur five days a week for four to six weeks during a patient’s healing regimen. Lori Yerse, the Director of the Harris Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center said, “We’re excited to offer this new service to the region. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help patients with diabetic foot ulcers, wounds with exposed or infected bones, and patients with arterial wounds to the legs. This therapy is also utilized to treat late effects of radiation therapy. It really expands our level of treatment and provides convenience to our patients who might otherwise need to travel outside of the area for this type of care.” The wound care staff at Harris Regional Hospital has been providing comprehensive wound treatment to the community for years. Their previous services include care for surgical wounds, trauma and diabetic wounds, arterial and venous leg wounds, diabetic foot care, and ostomy care. The Harris Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center is located at 37 Medical Loop, Suite 103 in the WestCare Medical Park Loop. You can call 586-7910 for information or visit www.medwesthealth.org.