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July 17, 2018

Four Things America Could’ve Done With the $1.45 Trillion We’re Spending on a Stealth Jet

The military has spent $400 BILLION developing a stealth jet called the F-35.  And by the time it’s ready, it’ll cost $1.45 TRILLION.  It’s a cool jet, but how do we put this . . . that’s an INSANE amount of money.



So what ELSE could our country do with that $1.45 trillion?  Here are four things I’m pretty sure ALL of us would prefer.



1.  That’s enough to give every single one of us $4,500.



2.  Pick up every single person’s medical bills for four years.



3.  Instantly wipe out ALL student loan debt in the country . . . with enough left over to wipe out 20% of everyone’s credit card debt.



4.  Paying for all the damage caused by the next 14 massive natural disasters.

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