Flooding In Jackson County


50 Ton Crane in the Tuckaseigee River

With rivers at their banks all across Western North Carolina, Jackson County was no exception. At left, a picture of a 50 ton crane that was doing bridge work in the Wayehutta community was washed into the river over the holiday weekend as a result of a landslide. The Slide temporarily shut down the road. Leaving residence without access for a short period of time. The 50 ton red crane toppled into the the Tuckaseigee River. Duke Energy was forced to open flood gates at Thorpe Lake, dumping large amounts of water into the river.  Flood waters were also blamed for the death of a Kyaker in Haywood County. The Haywood County Sheriff’s office says the body of 36-year-old Richard Bradfield, of Lexington, KY was found near a riverbank in the Shining Rock Wilderness area around 7:20 p.m. Friday.