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WRGC Radio Orlando Dream Vacation Winner Announced

Karen Polyasko from Sylva is the winner of the WRGC Radio  Dream Spring Break Vacation to Orlando  Florida. Karen registered at Hollifield Jewelers on Main Street in Sylva. Karen works at Southwestern Community College and said she is excited about being able to take her family to Orlando,  Karen said “the family has not been able to have a vacation for a while and this is really exciting for us.” The Polyasko’s will receive $700 in spending money, and four nights at the Summer Bay Resort just outside Orlando.  Roy Burnette, WRGC Owner and General Manager was really happy to see this local family win. “This is just exactly what the contest was all about, giving a local family the opportunity to take a nice vacation while out of school for spring break.”

Big WCU Ball Game Tonight

The WCU Men’s Basketball team is off to their best start since 1994/1995 season. WCU, Elon, and UNC-Greensboro were the preseason picks for the top three slots in the division.  WCU knocked off Greensboro on Saturday. Tonight ELON visits the Ramsey Center. A Catamount win tonight would give WCU their best start start even in league play.

Caution advised during current weather advisory

Up to four inches of rain is expected to fall before this rain system vacates the area on Thursday.  The entire 540 WRGC coverage area is under a flash flood watch until Tuesday night.

Radon Awareness Month

The Environmental Protection Agency has joined forces with health agencies across the country to promote awareness of the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. The American Lung  Association, Centers for Disease Control, and National Cancer Institute all agree that radon is a National health problem and encourage radon testing during the January Awareness drive. Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible and odorless radioactive gas. One in fifteen American homes contains high levels of radon. Millions of Americans are unknowingly exposed to this dangerous gas. Harvard University ranks radon as America’s leading in-home hazard. By taking simple steps to test your home for radon and fit is necessary, this health hazard could be avoided. Radon gas problems have been detected in every county in the United States and caused more fatalities last year than carbon monoxide, fires, and handguns combined. If you home has not been tested for radon in the past two years the Surgeon General urges you to take action by contacting your state radon office for information on locating a qualified test kit or qualified radon testers. The VA and other federal agencies will begin testing low income homes occupied by low income families who do not have the money for radon testing in their dwelling. learn more at RadonMonth.org.


by Cherokee Indian Police Department on Friday, November 30, 2012 at 8:45am ·
 CHEROKEE, NC- The Cherokee Indian Police Department and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations obtained and served a search warrant for a residence at 1621 Olivet Church Rd. in Cherokee. As a result, three people were arrested and charged with crimes in connection to a homicide/robbery that took place at the Fairfield Inn Hotel in Cherokee, NC on September 30, 2012. The three people arrested were: George Nobles 36 year old, Ashlyn Carothers 20 year old, and Dwayne Edward Swayney 43 year old, all three residing in Cherokee, NC.The search warrant and arrests came from Cherokee Indian Police Department investigators following up on leads stemming from recent information regarding this homicide case.

 Chief of Police Ben Reed stated: “This investigation has been on going for nearly two months and our law enforcement officers and the Priedt family have been very diligent in solving this case. Our officers have done an outstanding job and we are extremely encouraged by these arrests, many questions have been answered. But, there is a lot of work yet to be done to prepare for the prosecution of this case. This is a great example of law enforcement agencies and our community working together. I thank the Lord for what has been done and we will do our best to pray for the families of everyone involved.”


George Nobles is charged with: (NC State Charges)

–          1st Degree Murder

–          Armed Robbery

–          Felon in Possession of a Firearm (2 counts)

–          Pending Charge of Manufacturing Marijuana


Ashlyn Carothers is charged with: (Tribal Charges)

–          Aid and Abet Armed Robbery

–          Aid and Abet Homicide in First Degree

–          Pending Charge of Manufacturing Marijuana


Dwayne Edward Swayney is charged with: (Tribal Charges)

–          Tampering With Evidence***Tribal, State and Federal charges are pending.***



Five Forty Broadcasting Company LLC makes Payment to the Revolving Loan Fund

According to the ageeement reached with Five Forty Broadcasting Company LLC and the Jackson County Revolving Loan Fund in January, the first payment of the loan for the funds which were used to reopen WRGC Radio were due to be paid six months following the closing of the loan.  The date for the loan payment is September 30th 2012. Five Forty Broadcasting made the Loan Payment on Friday Septemer 28th in the amount of $8404.93. An article in Smoky Mountain News  several weeks ago stated that Five Forty Broadcasting Company was late on their payments to the county. This information was completely false, absent of the facts, and with no element of truth either suggested or implied. The  payment to the Revolving Loan Fund was paid on time. The Full Time Equivalent (FT) for Five FForty Broadcasting Company for September was 8.5.  That means WRGC will only have to increase the hours of current employees or add a couple of additional employees to be in full complaiance with the goals of the agreement set for of March 2014.