Cullowhee Lily project realizing success

(10/06/12)  When Susan Belcher asked Grounds Maintenance Coordinator Roger Turk about having Cullowhee Lilys as the markee plant to accentuate the stage for Dr Belcher’s installation as the WCU Chancellor last spring she was disappointed to learn there were really no Cullowhee Lilys available. Since Cullowhee means “Valley of the Lily’s” Susan Belcher decided there needed to be lily’s in the Valley of the Lilys.  So the process of finding a source of the unique lily started.  A farmer in a neighaboring state who specialized in this particular lily species was found.  a contract was signed and the farmer commenced the laborous task of digging 4000 bulbs from which the Cullowhee Lily grows. The first batch of lilies were made available on Mountain Heritage Day but sales and call in orders were such that reorders were soon placed even before the first shipment was sold.  Other shipments are arriving throughout the month of October and are available at Ray’s Florist, Bryson Hooper Farm Supply and Country Road Farms. The proceeds from the sale of the Cullowhee Lily are going to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. The initial goal for the scholarship was $100,000.  Unconfirmed reports are that goal is now easily within reach.  Susan Belcher will be reporting on WRGC Radio next week. Information will be available on how to obtain a package of the Cullowhee Lily bulbs.  Looks like Susan Belcher came up with the right product, at the right time, and a farmer somewhere down south has some really desirable lily bulbs.