County and Balsam West Sign Contract

Expect to have High Speed Internet and Wireless Internet services available soon as a result of the contract signed by Jackson County, the Town of Sylva and Balsam West.  This contract changes ownership of the assets held by the local government as collateral for the loan made to Microstat several years ago. The $25,000 the Town of Sylva and the County of Jackson will split is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of the system which included miles of installed  fiber optic cable and the tower on Kings Mountain. Balsam West in cooperation with D-Net will be able to offer residential phone service, extremely high speed wireless internet, and equally fast fiber optic.  These services can cause local entrepreneurial business needing high speed internet  to simply explode.  Some local facilities have been using the tower for wireless internet through a lease agreement with the county.  The wireless operation is especially important for potential users who have no access to the fiber optic network, but who can access the tower on Kings Mountain. A similar system in Cherokee, Clay and Graham counties using just five towers was designed to provide wireless internet for 85% of the residents of the three counties. After a small amount of additional technical installations the system should be ready for subscribers.