Commissioners Take Action On Board Of Elections Issues

The Jackson County Commissioners voted on Monday to allocate two-hundred-thousand dollars for the upgrading of the Skyland Services Center which was formerly occupied by the Jackson County Transit. With the crunch for space at the Jackson County Justice Center it was decided to relocated the Board Of Elections to the Skyland Services Center and make several upgrades to make the facility more user friendly for the Board Of Elections and other future community events. In addition to securing the storage area for the voting machines, construction of private office space for Board Of Elections staff, and other materials pertaining to elections, the improvements will also include a large classroom and community room space for training poll workers and other elections related personnel as well as having a space to accommodate community meetings. The Commissioners also set aside over $16,000 in the budget for salary and benefits for an additional employee for the Board Of Elections. With the passage by the North Carolina legislature of HB 589 numerous changes to the voter registration process are mandated by state law. The Board of Elections had requested additional staffing several years ago, and with the new requirements of the law the need for the additional staff person became more critical. It is expected a new staff member will be on board in immediate future.