Commissioners Hear Proposal For Local Public Access TV Channel

Representatives from Stress-Free Productions in Waynesville presented information to the Jackson County Commissioners at the work session Monday about how the County can apply to the cable services providers in Jackson County for  a public access channel. First affected would be Morris Broadband but other service providers in Cashiers, Cherokee and the Balsam area could be impacted as well. It was shown that North Carolina collects a fee from those who currently subscribe to cable services. The funds are dispersed proportionally to counties having a public access channel. Stress Free Productions would offer to contract with the county to provide a minimum of 6 hours daily of first run programming, the other programming could be duplicated. While some of the programming would be funded through the state funding arrangement, Stress Free Productions would be compensated for the video taping of County Commissioner meetings, Travel and Tourism Development Board meetings and etc..  Stress Free Productions currently has a contract with Haywood County to provide Charter and the other cable companies in Haywood County with coverage of gavel to gavel coverage of the Haywood County Commissioners meetings.