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Snow Totals

Here are some snowfall totals so far for our area from the National Weather Service in Greenville Spartanburg as of 10:40pm on 2/12/14


Snow Covered Roads in Jackson Co.

Cashiers 7.5 inches as of 8:05pm 02/12
Highlands 8.5 inches as of 8:28pm 02/12
Franklin 8.0 inches as of 9:08pm 02/12
Waynesville 6.0 inches 8:17pm 02/12
Asheville 6.0 inches 8:44pm 02/12
Weaverville 4.0 8:04pm 02/12
Etowah 5.3 inches 8:20pm 02/12
Rabun County GA (Clayton) – 3.8 10:00am 02/12

Winter Storm Blasts Western North Carolina

Mother Nature was in a teasing mode for much of Wednesday with light and variable snow showers but as evening approached and the temperatures dropped a couple of degrees the snow has increased in intensity and is no longer melting on contact. Roads that were mostly clear all day have become treacherous, schools have already announced their closure for Thursday. County Emergency Services Director Todd Dillard said that plans are being made to have a shelter open should conditions worsen and the power go off. Dan Shaffer, Director of Maintenance for the town of Sylva reported that at 5:00 o’clock there were no power outages and no fallen trees were reported and all streets are open. He also reported that crews would be working all night to respond to emergencies. WestCare EMS Services have responded to numerous calls. Citizens are reminded that when shoveling snow to not overdo it, especially if one is not accustomed to such physical labor. This is one of the leading causes of heart attacks in the winter. Fire Departments have had a busy day mostly with traffic control around wrecks. Wrecks on Catamount Gap has kept several departments busy. A wreck in the Whittier area caused damage to a utility pole which required a replacement. An chemical spill in Webster led to the call out of the local Has Mat team. Highway crews have been staged since Tuesday afternoon to work the highways with chemicals and truck mounted scrape blades to try to keep snow from accumulating on the major highways. The storm has also forced the rescheduling of the WCU versus Chattanooga men’s league basketball game from Thursday till Friday.

Agriculture Commissioner Troxler Announces Damage Assistance To Farmers

RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has activated its toll-free hotline to help farmers affected by the winter storm to connect with resources that can assist with recovery. Farmers who have an agricultural emergency can call 1-866-506-6222. The hotline will be staffed 24 hours a day through Friday, Feb. 14. Operating hours will be re-evaluated at that time. “This storm is bringing a potentially nasty mix of snow and ice,” said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler. “Possible impacts to farms include power outages, damage to agricultural buildings and animal health emergencies. We are prepared to work with our state and local partners to help our agricultural community in the storm’s aftermath.”

Brace For Winter Storm To Intensify

Forecasters have called for lighter amounts of snow during the day time hours on Wednesday, and in Sylva the snow actually stopped for about an hour late Wednesday morning. However the weather bureau seems to be pretty much on target as the storm continues to strengthen with additional moisture being pulled off the Gulf of Mexico. The conditions in Sylva have further deteriorated as midday approaches and the probability of snow that was lingering around 60 Percent will be increase to 100 percent by mid-afternoon. The intensity of the snowfall is expected to increase and as much as two inches an hour could be recorded by around nightfall and continue overnight.
Jackson County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Todd Dillard has declared the county to be under a Code Red Emergency and reminds everyone this is a serious storm and conditions are expected to deteriorate rapidly this afternoon. Residents are encouraged to prepare to settle in for the long haul. Fill the bathtub and the the automatic washer with water, bottle water, if the freezer has extra room put bottles of water in those spaces so the frozen water can help keep the temperature low should the electricity go off. DO NOT use a generator inside your home or a closed space occupied by humans or pets. DO NOT use a charcoal grill to cook inside your home or on your covered porch or deck. Check the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. Find your portable radio and dial it to 540 on the A-M band and test it before conditions deteriorate. WRGC Radio will be on the air all night and make emergency announcements as needed, if the power goes off WRGC Radio is now equipped to operate off emergency power.

Winter Storm Warning In Effect

Accumulation Map

Accumulation Map

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 6pm Thursday evening. Heavy snow accumulations across the region of 6 to 10 inches are possible along with a trace of ice. Heavy snowfall will make travel treacherous. The accumulations may also create power outages especially Wednesday through Thursday morning. Temperates will dip to the lower 30’s with winds Northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. Gusts up to 25 miles per hour are expected. A Winter Storm Warning for heavy snow means severe winter weather conditions are expected or occurring. Travel only in emergency situations and take cell phones. Wear a warm coat, gloves and boots. Keep a blanket, flashlight, food and water in your vehicle if traveling. Stay tuned to 540am WRGC for the latest from local and state officials.