April 24, 2017


Revised-Contour-Map-2016540 AM WRGC Radio offers a plethora of outstanding advertising opportunities to help you reach your target audience with an effective and powerful advertising message. Our sales team has over 75 years of combined experience in writing commercials, re-branding techniques, radio production, and specialized marketing practices with proven results.

TRADIO:  This show is call-in and listener participation radio. Listeners from Buncombe county west check in on a daily basis in search of the deal of the day. Expect to hear dozens of items for sell, to trade, or to be given away.  Listeners desiring to obtain items also call in. Tradio is one of the most listened to shows on WRGC and reaches all demographics and from a the entire SES Spectrum.  TRADIO also has a large international appeal as measured daily through the Tune In Radio analytics.  

NEWS: WRGC has committed to providing listeners with current news from around the world and down the road.  Through the station’s affiliation with Westwood One and CNN the most current worldwide news is aired at the top of each hour. The North Carolina News Network also delivers comprehensive station and nation news each morning. CNBC News is aired three times each day, Meet The Press airs on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Carolina Newsmakers is aired Sunday at 5:00 p.m. WRGC also sends out items to subscribers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on the website. WRGC Radio has a reporter at many local events and meetings of the different county and city government entities.

SPORTS:  WRGC makes every effort to keep listeners informed of local sports news which includes Smoky Mountain High School, as well as Blue Ridge School, and Cherokee High School. Several Western Carolina University sports events are aired through the Catamount Sports Network and Press releases from the the Athletic Department. “Live”  coverage of Smoky Mountain High School Football, Basketball, baseball, and softball games are part of the WRGC Radio Sports Package. WRGC is an Atlanta Braves affiliate. The Morning Sports Report is aired weekdays at 7:20 a.m. followed in season by the Braves Morning Update. Some Cherokee High School sports events are carried live. The game broadcasts are available for listeners through wrgc.com and the free Tune-In App on their smart phone.  These internet broadcasts normally have a very large number of listeners. Sponsorship packages are available.

SPECIALIZED PROGRAMS: Meet The Press is  aired on WRGC at 4:00 Sunday for those who miss the program on tv on Sunday Morning. Carolina Newsmakers is aired Sunday at 5:00 p.m. and hosted by Don Curtis. Call your sales representative for detailed information.

STREAMING:  Tune Radio analytics provides WRGC radio with immediate documentation of the number of people listening. Since WRGC Radio has had access to this reporting the station consistently has between five and six thousand hours of on line listening per month. Normally twelve to fifteen thousand unique listeners per month with an average of sixteen thousand return listeners. The WRGC Radio website averages fifteen thousand visits per month.  Just as difficult as it is to determine how many cars will be traveling a specific stretch of highway at any specific time it has been difficult and expensive for radio stations to ascertain exactly how many people are listening to a specific radio program. The streaming analytics have changed that. WRGC and many other local radio stations have figured out that shorter advertising blocks keep listeners engaged for longer periods of time when compared to the corporate stations which air four and five minute commercial blocks.  WRGC on line listening averages around sixteen minutes per listening session. The average over the air listening session is 23.7 minutes.  This makes a standard radio advertising package an excellent opportunity to reach potential customers. Compared to a rotating outdoor advertisement it will take between two and three hours of rotations to reach the same number of people as ONE commercial on WRGC radio.

Contact the WRGC Radio Sales Department for more information

Roy Burnette Owner/General Manager: 828-586-2221 rburnette@wrgc.com