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February 20, 2019

A Woman Snuck Into a College Graduation Posing as a Student, and Accepted Someone Else’s Diploma

Maybe this woman found a way to avoid the crushing debt of student loans.  But she just swapped in a whole lot of legal fees . . .



A 22-year-old in Louisiana named Bianca White was booked into jail this week for posing as a student at LSU’s graduation ceremony back in December.



Apparently she got her hands on a cap and gown . . . walked on stage with the REAL graduates . . . and took someone else’s diploma.  Then she took the cover and swapped in a FAKE diploma she brought with her.



We’re not sure why she even bothered to go to the graduation.  It would have been a lot easier to buy a diploma cover on eBay.  Or she could have just lied on her résumé.



Our best guess is that she was trying to trick her FAMILY into thinking she graduated.  But she wasn’t even enrolled there, so who knows.



Someone at the graduation confronted her, then the cops got involved.  She’s facing charges for theft and fraud.

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