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July 23, 2019

A Woman Is Suing a Chinese Buffet For $1 Million For Giving Her “Fried Rice Syndrome”

Chinese buffets are one of society’s greatest inventions . . . but they’re also apparently risky enough that there’s an entire DISEASE named after them.



There’s a 62-year-old woman in Corsicana, Texas who went to a Chinese buffet a few years ago for lunch.  She started vomiting later that day . . . and the next day she had trouble breathing and wound up going to the hospital.



She was in the hospital for eight days, including two on a ventilator.  And it was all because of . . . FRIED RICE SYNDROME.



Yes, apparently that’s a real thing . . . it’s the nickname for a type of food poisoning that can happen when food has been sitting at room temperature for several hours.  And fried rice is especially prone to it.



So now, the woman is SUING the buffet for $1 million in damages.

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Andy has worked in broadcasting around Western North Carolina over the last 17 years. He serves as the Operations Manager and Program Director for WRGC and WBHN. “I’ve been with the crew here at Five Forty Broadcasting since the idea of bringing the station back to Jackson County at 540-AM. I feel a personal connection with community radio and the area”. In the past, Andy has worked with iHeart Media and Sky Country Broadcasting. He resides in Haywood County.

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