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September 23, 2017

A Woman Finds Out Her Hotel Manager Fiancé Is Cheating . . . Through TripAdvisor Reviews

This might be the first time ever someone’s been busted for cheating because of a travel review.



A 41-year-old woman named Melanie Sheard from Doncaster, England went on a vacation to Turkey back in May of 2014 and she met a 32-year-old hotel manager named Pablo.



They hit it off, started getting-it-on, and she kept going back to Turkey to see him . . . and eventually he proposed to her.  But since she had a lot of money and he didn’t, she paid for her own engagement ring.  She didn’t care, though, because they were in love.



Then, a few months ago, she was reading TripAdvisor reviews of his hotel and she noticed SEVERAL women talking about how they got-it-on with the manager . . . or that the hotel was bad because the manager was too busy hooking up.



She tracked down some of those women on Facebook, and they all confirmed the hotel manager they had sex with was Pablo.  So Melanie just DUMPED him.



She says, quote, “I never thought TripAdvisor would be where I’d go to find out if my partner was being unfaithful, but I’m forever glad that I did . . . he just wanted me for my money.”


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