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July 17, 2018

A Guy Gets Revenge on His Neighbor by Throwing a Live Rattlesnake Into His Home

It’s rare to see a news story about a rattlesnake where the only one who gets bit is the SNAKE . . . but here you go.



There’s a 39-year-old guy named Ryan Sauter in Dale, Texas, which is a rural area about 40 miles outside of Austin.  And he lives in an RV, next door to a guy named Keith Monroe.



They never got along well, but a few weeks ago, they got into a MAJOR fight.  So when Keith stepped out, Ryan got his revenge . . . by tossing a live RATTLESNAKE into his house.



Oh, and just to make sure that Keith didn’t realize the snake was in his RV, Ryan BIT the rattle off the snake’s tail.



Fortunately for Keith, he DID notice the snake when he got home . . . so he killed it with his machete and called the cops.  So yeah . . . only the snake wound up getting bit in the process.



Ryan was arrested and charged with deadly conduct and criminal trespassing.


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