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January 18, 2018

78% of Us Aren’t in the Job We Dreamed of as a Kid

Here’s some bad news and some good news.  The bad news:  You’re probably NOT doing the job you dreamed about when you were a kid.  The good news:  You’ve probably come to terms with what actually happened.

According to a new survey, 78% of adults say they are NOT in their childhood dream job.  But . . . 70% of them say they’re HAPPY with where they ended up.

That’s not much different than people who DID get their dream job.  88% of them say they’re happy . . . but 12% are miserable.

So what WERE those dream jobs we had as kids?

The top five for boys are:  Professional athlete . . . astronaut . . . doctor . . . scientist . . . and detective.

And the top five for girls are:  Teacher . . . veterinarian . . . doctor . . . singer . . . and actress.

You can read the full report here http://www.trade-schools.net/learn/childhood-aspirations.asp

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