Cherokee Man Arrested After Swat Standoff


 Chris HillA Cherokee is man in custody after a standoff with reservation police. At approximately 11:10 pm Thursday evening the Cherokee Indian police department responded to a report of a suspicious person at the Big Cove recreation center. Upon arriving at the scene police officers located suspect Chris Hill of Cherokee, he then immediately barricaded his self inside an office in the recreation center and claimed to be armed. During the ensuing standoff the Cherokee Police Swat Team were called to the scene, upon entering the recreation center the Cherokee Swat Team located Chris Hill hiding in the ceiling area of the office and took him into custody. There were minor injuries to the suspect reported by the arresting officers, there was also damage to the recreation center caused by Hill being extracted from the ceiling. Chris Hill is charged with Criminal damage to property, trespassing in the first degree and Burglary by forcible entry. According to authorities Hill is also suspected of several larceny charges that happened on the same day in the Big Cove community. It is possible he will be facing additional charges pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.