210th Military Police Battalion Rolls Out

05/08/13-The teary-eyed goodbyes early Wednesday morning were of mixed emotions. The families and friends of the 210th Military Police Battalion were up early to send off the group from the Franklin National Gaurd Amory. Hugs, kisses and handshakes for a safe return as parents, husbands, and wives said farewell to their service members. The 210th Military Police Battalion will be stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas for several weeks for training before being deployed to Afghanistan . The 210th will be in Afghanistan  for one year to help with Operation Enduring Freedom.

Tasha Black described how proud she is of her husband who is being deployed, “Very proud…this is why he joined not for the glory but to serve.” Tasha and the rest of the families who were their for the sendoff are praying for a safe return of the brave men and women they Rolled out early wednesday morning from the Franklin National Guard Armory for a one year deployment. From the 540 WRGC team we would like to thank all service men and women and their families for their sacrifices for freedom.